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Sup everyone, so some many of you might know that the lovely zi-mins is running a project for our fav squishball singer/dancer/korean prince/hot piece of ass Jimin, and I’m in charge of making the video. So without any further ado, if you want to…

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oooh, I’m loved? Thank you you gracious elephant for stumbling into my life and telling me such wondrous news!!~


An overview of The 무궁화 (Mugunghwa) Project

“The national flower of Korea is the mugunghwa, • Unlike most flowers, mugunghwa is remarkably tenacious and able to withstand both blight and insects. • This word accurately reflects the enduring nature of Korean culture, and the…

BREAKING: UNITED NATIONS (@AP) - UN Security Council calls for ‘immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire’ in Gaza




pray y’all

[last update: 140730] translated videos masterlist


bangtan translated videos in a post for anon. when I have time I will add more~ thanks to youngjiae for her help ♡


  • 130125 Jimin - LINK
  • 130208 Jimin - LINK
  • 130214 Jimin & Jeongguk - LINK
  • 130217 Suga (Feat Rap Monster) - LINK
  • 130219 Jhope - LINK 
  • 130227 Jhope & Jeongguk - LINK 
  • 130228 Rap Monster - LINK 
  • 130304 Jhope & Rap Monster - LINK 
  • 130304 Suga - LINK 
  • 130308 Jhope - LINK 
  • 130508 Jhope and Jeongguk - LINK 

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[INFO] JAY PARK Will Release New Single “NaNa” on Friday (25/07/14 12:00 KST)
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meaning behind “you got no jams”


재미없어 = you’re no fun
재미없어 = jaemi eobseo
재미 = fun
재미 = jaemi
you got no jaemi = you got no fun
jaemi = jam-ee
jaemi = jams
you got no jams